Family trip to Japan cost

family trip to japan trip cost

Family trip to Japan cost

We have now been on three family trips to Japan. They were all under two weeks long but we traveled slightly different for each one. See the breakdown of  our expenses for each family Japan trip below.

2013 family trip to Japan cost

Who: 2 adults and 18 month old child.

Where we saved: Food is one area where we can control the budget by choosing to eat low-cost meals over dining out. Read our post Japan with kids: food.
Also, see how cheap our night stay in Narita was!

Where we splurged: A ryokan stay can be a big expense. We booked one in Takayama that was in the lower price range and were really happy with it. The kaiseki dinner was a splurge but it was a wonderful experience. The Tokyo accommodation was over what we had budgeted for, it was in a fantastic location though. Obviously renting a car is not necessary in Japan and is rather expensive with all costs added in. We loved both our Japan road trips and found the cost to be worth it, especially since it made getting around with a toddler so easy.

Cost per day: 31,364 yen

Want to know what we booked? Read the post here.

family trip to Japan cost

2014 family trip to Japan cost

Who: 2 adults and a 2.5 year old child.

Where we saved: For this trip we had flights in and out of Tokyo and wanted to see Hiroshima so, buying a JR pass saved us money on shinkansen rides.
Not sure if a JR pass will be worth it? Read my post about how it paid off for our trip.
This time for our Tokyo accommodation we turned to Airbnb and got a 2 bedroom apartment near Yoyogi station for an excellent price.

Where we splurged: A one night stay in Kawaguchiko didn’t come cheap. Our hotel was pretty basic for the price but the view of the lake and Mt. Fuji from our room made up for it.
All the costs of a rental car was again a large part of our budget. It allowed us to do a road trip around Mt. Fuji which was amazing!

Cost per day: 31,489 yen

Want to know what we booked? Read it here.

family trip to Japan cost

2016 family trip to Japan cost

Who: 2 adults and 2 children (4 year old and 9 month old) travelling with another group of 2 adults.

Where we saved: We rented a 3 story house in Tokyo through Airbnb and shared the cost with my parents, who were traveling with us.
A JR pass once again saved us money as we were returning to Tokyo and traveling to other areas as well.

Where we splurged: For this trip, the exchange rate was terrible so we were much more aware of spending money. I wanted my parents to have a traditional experience so booked a night stay in Gero Onsen which was quite expensive for our budget.

Cost per day: 29,275

Japan trip cost

 Top tips for a family trip to Japan on a budget

  • Watch for deals on hotel prices.
  • Look at Airbnb – just be mindful about the current laws.
  • Accommodation with a kitchen means you can prepare some meals
  • Try the cheap pre-packaged meals from convenience stores
  • Work out if a JR pass will save you money
  • Walk. We love walking around. It saves us money on transport and is a wonderful way to explore an area.

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