3 days in Kuala Lumpur with kids - Strolling Adventures
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3 days in Kuala Lumpur with kids

3 days in Kuala Lumpur with kids

3 days in Kuala Lumpur with kids

We had first spent a night in Singapore and visited Legoland in Johor before picking up a rental car and driving to Kuala Lumpur. Read my post about driving in Malaysia. After changing our plans and dropping Cameron Highlands, we extended our stay in KL by one night, giving us three days in Kuala Lumpur with kids. This gave us plenty of time to see what we wanted and also give the kids time out from sightseeing. The weather was very hot and humid and our youngest, in particular, was really feeling it. We spent the mornings and early afternoons out and then headed back to the apartment to let the kids rest before heading back out for dinner. 

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Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur with kids

Kuala Lumpur Airbnb

What played the biggest part in deciding where to stay in KL was the fact we were driving. We didn’t want to drive into the city centre, preferring to stay close to the highway. Hotels outside of the city were lacking so we turned to Airbnb (if you haven’t already signed up, use our link and you will score $55aud off! Click here).

We ended up choosing an apartment in the Regalia Suites complex. At arrival, we were able to get a parking pass and park the car underground for free. The apartment was large with an open plan living dining kitchen area. There were two bedrooms, the main with a large ensuite bathroom. We were a little worried about the kids sharing a bedroom but they loved it and slept well. There was also a washing machine which always makes it easier to travel lighter.

Being beside the expressway meant it was quite noisy at all hours. The kids enjoyed watching the traffic and trains from the large windows. We also had access to the complex pools, the rooftop one has a view over KL, we somehow forgot to go up to it.

Sunway Putra Mall

The Sunway Putra Mall is located close to the Regalia Suites and we found it to be very convenient during our stay. There are lots of different restaurants so we had most of our dinners here. A large supermarket meant we could buy water, fruit, yoghurt and other things for snacks and breakfasts at the apartment.

Getting around Kuala Lumpur with kids

getting around KL

Another reason for choosing to stay in the Regalia Suites was that it’s walking distance to Putra Station which has connections to places all over the city. Unfortunately, during our time in KL the rail line was undergoing maintenance with only one side of the track running. Trains going both directions were using the same track. This meant there were long delays and we were often on a train while it stopped for clearance.

The days we had been at the station we failed to notice the signs indicating that the connection to Batu Caves was disrupted. Previously it was a straightforward twenty-minute journey from Putra Station to Batu Caves. We had to take a train from Putra to KL Sentral where there was a free bus to Sentul Station. From there we took another train to Batu Caves. It may have made all our days longer but the kids actually enjoyed the journeys.

Three day Kuala Lumpur with kids itinerary

Day 1

Suria KLCC Itinerary 3 day Kuala Lumpur

 Our first stop for the day was Suria KLCC, a large shopping complex located at the foot of the Petronas Towers. Tim wanted to go to the mi store to buy a power brick. Declan fell asleep in the stroller so we wandered around and Fletcher found a lego store to look in. We had a delicious Tepanyaki lunch in the food court.

Petronas Towers Itinerary for 3 days in KL

 We didn’t purchase tickets to enter the towers, we simply viewed them from outside. After exiting Suria KLCC we had to walk further and further back to be able to see the top of the towers which stand at 452 metres tall.

KLCC Park Kuala Lumpur with kids Playground

 The area outside of the towers is KLCC Park. Simfoni Lake features water displays, providing a great photo spot with Petronas Towers behind it. We followed the lake along the path that leads further into the park. There is a children’s wading pool with a waterfall area. I had packed spare clothes so our kids could play. They ran straight for the multiple playgrounds and kept running to play on each one. They were so hot and sweaty we had to drag them away. The plan was to let them cool off in the pool afterwards but as they were playing we were watching the storm clouds roll in. Just as we were walking away thunder started and big raindrops were hitting us. We made it under shelter back at the mall without being too soaked.

Day 2

Batu Caves Itinerary for 3 days in Kuala Lumpur Batu Caves

As I said back in Getting Around KL, we had a much longer journey to The Batu Caves than anticipated. Coming from Batu Caves Station we first came to the Hanuman Statue which stands in front of Ramayana Cave. Continuing on the path we passed by another Hindu Temple, a waterfall, a large pile of coconuts being cut and sold for juice and market stalls.

We were now standing, facing the main entrance to Batu Caves. I always worry about visiting places after seeing thousands of photos that they won’t impress. The steep stairs, the large gold Lord Murugan statue and the limestone hills that tower above them both were certainly impressive.

After purchasing drinks we made our trek up the stairs, passing by some of the infamous monkeys. They are as steep as they look and we were very proud of our almost 6-year-old for doing it without any complaints. It’s well documented that there are 272 steps leading into the cave however, there are also more within the cave. Inside Batu CaveView from Batu Caves

Inside the large cave are several shrines and statues and lots of monkeys. It was a bit disappointing to see stores inside the cave. We watched the monkeys enjoying some rock climbing and after exploring the cave temple we were ready to make our way back down. From the top, you get a great view looking out over the area and to the city. We slowly took the steps to the bottom, watching monkeys along the way. At the bottom, we enjoyed a cold drink and got the kids an icypole.

We made the long journey back and got a late lunch before going back to the apartment.

Day 3

KL Forest Eco Park 

itinerary for 3 days in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur 3 daysAfter another wait at Putra Station, we connected at Kl Sentral and got off at Masjid Jamek Station. From there it was an 800-metre walk to KL Forest Eco Park. We entered the building thinking that’s how you get through to the canopy walk, it’s not. The kids enjoyed reading the facts and seeing pictures of the forest. After leaving we found the steps leading into the forest to the left of the building. Kuala Lumpur with kids

We left the stroller at the bottom of the steps and went up to the canopy walk. It was a lot longer than what we expected, with another set of stairs taking us up higher. The boys loved walking up high among the trees. Back down, we had to go back and get our stroller. It was a great place for the two-year-old to get out and walk around while in the city. We all really enjoyed our time at the KL Forest Eco Park.

KL Central Market

After doing the canopy walk, we walked about 1km to Kuala Lumpur’s Central Market. At 120-years-old, KL Central Market is a National Heritage Site. We had some trouble getting to it as there was construction work happening on a few intersections. There was no way to cross the road without standing out in the traffic. We walked an extra block to avoid it and get to the Central Market.

Once there we strolled around looking at the stores before finding some food. We sat on stools, ordered and watched as two ladies made our lunch. Tim, Declan and I each got tandoori chicken in a thick flatbread. Fletcher opted for a crispy pizza style bread. 

After lunch, we stopped by Ainna Artwork and purchased a small canvas each for the kids to paint. Ainna Artwork offers DIY Batik painting. The paintings are now great souvenirs we have from our time in KL. KL with kids 3 days

3 days in Kuala Lumpur with kids

As I said our days were pretty short. We went out in the mornings and early afternoon and then headed back for a rest. Three days in KL gave us the perfect balance of sightseeing and downtime.


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