Legoland Malaysia with young kids review - Strolling Adventures
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Legoland Malaysia with young kids review

Legoland Malaysia with young kids review

Legoland Malaysia with young kids review

The Legoland Malaysia resort is made up of a theme park, water park and hotel. For our time there we only visited the Legoland theme park. Our boys were aged 6 and 2.5 years old so this is our Legoland Malaysia with young kids review.

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How to get to Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia is located in Johor, Malaysia. From Johor’s Senai Airport it is about a 20 minute drive. If visiting from Singapore it is approximately a 55 minute drive from Changi Airport. There are public and direct busses available from Singapore.

We chose to book a private car the day before we visited Legoland. The driver picked us up at our hotel in Singapore and dropped us off at our Airbnb apartment in Johor. We booked through SGJBTAXI and paid 190SGD for a two-way journey.

Where to stay near Legoland Malaysia

An obvious choice would be the Legoland Malaysia hotel. We chose not to spend the money on a hotel stay and opted to spend two nights at an Airbnb apartment instead. Upon arrival we had some trouble with security not understanding where we were staying. The apartment itself was fine but it wasn’t the most convenient location. It was just over a 1km walk to the Medini Mall (through to Legoland) but it was often raining when we needed to go, the first night we just made it before a fierce storm started. The path was also missing sections, so the short walk was made to be quite difficult with a stroller. I remember looking at an apartment that was next to the Medini Mall which would have been a lot more convenient for access to food and getting to and from Legoland.

Check out what accommodation is available around Legoland Malaysia.

Where to stay near Legoland Malaysia

Our visit to Legoland Malaysia with young kids

We chose to go to Legoland as both our boys love Lego and our oldest would be turning 6 while we were in Malaysia. It seemed like the perfect way to celebrate his birthday while we were away. We had looked at the theme park website and we were all really excited to visit. It was May when we visited and the weather was hot, humid and threatening storms. We got to the gate and joined a short line before opening time. Legoland Malaysia family review

Legoland Areas

Legoland is separated into themed areas, each with attractions and rides. I will list each area and what we thought.

Lego city

Once we were through the gate, we walked around to the right and entered into Lego City. There are two driving schools, one for ages 6-13 and Junior driving School for ages 3-5. Declan was under 3 and wasn’t keen to go in by himself.

Fletcher was a few days shy of 6 and chose to do the big Driving School. He lined up by himself and then all the kids ran out to the cars. We watched from the side lines and it looked really fun. It’s set up with road signs and has different roads that connect. The kids get a decent amount of time before they have to park their cars back at the start. There was a stand selling drivers licenses for the kids, we thought Fletcher had his photo taken in line and were going to buy him one but his photo wasn’t there so, I’m not sure where they take the photos.

The boating school would be fun but it wasn’t running during our visit. We passed by the Airport ride which was a slow carousel ride with planes. It said age 3 and above to ride accompanied and was too slow to interest our 6 year old.The other ride in Lego City is Rescue academy that has fire engines that you hand power and then hand pump a hose at the end. We stood and watched and it looked so hard! Fletcher said he didn’t want to do it and neither of us pushed it.

Later in the day we returned and took the Legoland express, which travels around the back parts of the park. So you don’t see much but the kids liked the novelty of riding in a Lego train. There is also a restaurant and playground in the area. The playground was super hot to touch so we couldn’t let the kids play on it. Legoland Malaysia cityLegoland Malaysia with young kids

Land of Adventure 

The big ride here, Dino Island was closed. We had lots of fun riding Lost Kingdom Adventure as a family. You sit in the “desert off-roader’ and have to try to hit targets with the laser. Each blaster shows the score, I could see Tim’s from behind him so I was trying to beat it.

I went with Fletcher on the Beetle Bounce ride. It’s like a drop ride but very tame, it was enough to be exciting for a 6-year-old but I’m not sure older kids would enjoy it. There’s an indoor playgorund in this area that we didn’t enter, I’m not sure whether it was closed or we just missed it. Legoland Malaysia with young kids

Ninjago World

This area was the best looking in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s a newer section or maybe I just liked the Japanese style. Tim and Fletcher went on the Lego Ninjago Ride and really enjoyed it. It is all controlled by hand movements which Fletcher thought was very cool.

Declan and I walked around and looked at the Lego sculptures while waiting. We found a spot to sit in some shade as it was getting so hot. There is also a shop here, we were hoping it might have some special Ninjago Lego but the shops all mostly had the same stock. Legoland with young kidsNinjago Legoland Malaysia


This area would be awesome if only it had some maintenance. There are some great Lego sculptures but they were covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt. The kids ran to play in Duplo Playtown but everything in here felt old and un-cared for too. One hit was the Duplo Express. I went on with the boys and it actually goes around the track pretty fast so they had lots of fun and rode it a second time.

There’s an indoor building area which we were saving for later in the day when we were just too hot or storms rolled in but we didn’t end up going inside. A ride called Kids Power Tower shows how pulley systems work. You sit side by side and pull your way up the tower. We were all feeling too hot and bothered for this one.

Lego Studios is also here screening 4D movies. The Observation Tower goes up and gives 360 degree views of Legoland. It was actually great to go on this and sit out of the heat for a bit and was fun spotting all the different things in the park. Legoland Malaysia with young kids reviewlegoland with young kids Duplo


This is the part I had been looking forward to. Miniland features miniature versions of landmarks from around Asia. Some well-known sites are represented such as Angkor Wat, Taj Mahal and The Great Wall of China. There are also cities shown, we thought it was funny we were seeing Kuala Lumpur in Mini version just before visiting the real city. Although, the structures in Miniland were amazingly detailed it too just needed a good clean. Legoland Malaysia MinilandLegoland Malaysia review blog

Lego Kingdoms

This is the area with the big castle and roller coaster running through it. Fletcher was too young for the main Dragon roller coaster but he wanted to go on the smaller version called Dragon’s apprentice. During our time in Legoland we didn’t see either ride going. We went to the Merlin’s Challenge ride but the kids were pretty exhausted and getting hungry so we left for lunch and actually forgot to return to Lego Kingdoms. Legoland Malaysia review

Lego Technic

This area has rides and indoor activities including newer star wars themed attractions. The Aquazone wave racers wasn’t running which was disappointing, it looked like it would be fun and a way to cool down. I’m not sure if the technic Twister ride was going, I don’t remember seeing it. One ride that was running was The great Lego Race a VR rollercoaster. Fletcher was so excited to be able to ride on a rollercoaster for the first time. Tim went on with him and they were able to ride but without the VR. Legoland Malaysia with kidsLegoland Malaysia with young kids

Food at Legoland Malaysia

There are different food outlets in each area. We ate lunch at The Cafe near the main entrance. Food prices were as expected for a theme park. Meal sizes were pretty good and large enough that we could share two between four of us. Legoland Malaysia food

Shopping / Merchandise

There are shops in each area of the park but they don’t have anything different. I was hoping to find exclusive items at Legoland but there wasn’t anything. T-shirts with Legoland Malaysia written on them were expensive and looked poor quality. Fletcher’s grandparents gave him money for his birthday and he chose to buy a large Lego set. We also sneakily bought him a Lego watch to give him on the day. Both of these could have been bought at any store but he does think it’s special that his birthday watch came from Legoland.

Legoland Malaysia with young kids – our overall thoughts Legoland Malaysia review

Legoland Malaysia unfortunately didn’t meet our expectations. I’m not completely sure why but it just didn’t give me that “Everything is awesome!” feeling. Maybe because we have been to Tokyo Disneyland and felt the Disney magic. We thought Legoland would have its own Lego Magic. I didn’t think of it at the time but have recently seen on Legoland Malaysia’s instagram that they have characters walking around the park. We didn’t see any during our visit, the kids would have been impressed with huge Lego characters. As such Lego fans I thought we would all really love Legoland Malaysia and we did like it, it just fell short of impressing us. 

I don’t like to be negative and will say that although it didn’t meet our expectations we did still have a great family day out. The rides that we did go on we really enjoyed and there were almost no queues.

We might have visited at a bad time. I didn’t think a theme park would have an off-season but there were so many closures. It was very quiet which is obviously good for short lines but it kind of felt strange. If you are planning a trip to Legoland Malaysia look through all the closures and where they are on the map. It definitely impacted our time there. 

Our youngest was too young for a few things, which is to be expected as tickets start from 3 years old. A lot of the indoor activities would have suited our 6 year old but not so much our 2.5 year old.
Seeing a 4D movie would have been good to get out of the heat but we didn’t think our two-and-a-half year old would sit through it.
We wore ourselves out walking around. You could spend the whole day there with breaks indoors. 

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