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Playmobil Funpark Germany Review

Playmobil Funpark Germany Review

Playmobil Funpark is a theme park in Zirndorf, Germany. Different from other theme parks, Playmobil Funpark doesn’t feature any thrill rides. Themed around Playmobil toys you will find various play areas, each offering something different. After visiting with our two children here is our Playmobil Funpark Germany review.

Disclaimer: our tickets were gifted to us by Playmobil Funpark Germany. Our opinion remains true and honest.

How to get to Playmobil Funpark using public transport

If like us, you are travelling without a car, bus 151 stops right at the Funpark’s entrance. Coming from Nuremberg, we took the s4 to Anwanden Station. After stepping off the train, we walked to the end of the platform, down the stairs and found the bus stop at the bottom. A short 6-minute ride had us at Playmobil. For the return journey, cross the road for the bus stop and then walk to the second set of stairs for the train in the opposite direction.

When to visit Playmobil Funpark

Other than the obvious school holiday times being busy, I think anytime would be worth a visit. Summertime would mean kids could enjoy the excellent water play areas throughout the park. Our visit was in the cooler Autumn weather but there was still so much to do that the kids didn’t feel they had missed out. Even in winter when the outdoor area is closed, the large indoor play and climbing zone would provide lots of fun. The park does have some closure dates so be sure to check here.

 Attractions at Playmobil Funpark

The park is separated into themed zones with a variety of play opportunities. Unlike other theme parks, Playmobil does not have rides but it does offer lots of fun adventures for kids. As well as the areas listed there are also long slides, a large climbing net, water play area, paddle boats and an action park.

Pirate ship

A new area at Playmobil, this space is set on the water with the main feature being a huge pirate ship. The ship has a lower deck, a noisy bell, a kitchen play space and climbing nets all the way to the top. The area also has raft riding. Our 7 year old loved the challenge of pulling himself along using the ropes. Both kids jumped across very wobbly floating rafts, making us parents a little nervous. Tip: be prepared for wet clothing. The park has clothes dryers available. Our kids didn’t fall in but it could happen. Another fun activity in this zone is treasure hunting in the sand. Colourful little plastic gems and gold coins can be sifted out. Playmobil Funpark

Adventure Tree House

This area really does provide a sense of adventure. Our 7-year-old ran off and was climbing up everywhere around the treehouse. The four-year-old was a little more cautious of the heights but he was still able to run up ramps and climb up ladders. The area also had large dinosaur figures and a little creek with stepping stones. Treehouse at Playmobil Germany

Knight’s Castle

Straight away this area is impressive. The kids posed with life-sized toys of knights, a troll and a king and queen. They went up and walked around the castle walls, climbed in nets and the eldest went to the top of the tower. Castle at Playmobil Funpark

Farm and Tractor Rally

Our four-year-old plays with a Playmobil farm set at home so seeing big versions of the toy animals was exciting. Kids can ‘milk’ cows and brush horses as well as slide down from the top of the barn. A fenced zone allows kids to ride pedal tractors around the paths. Cows at Playmobil Funpark

Western City

Kids can pretend to drive or ride in a stagecoach with life-sized Playmobil horses. In the sand area, our boys loved digging for gold. Construction work meant some parts of this area were closed. Western City

The Balancing Course

This offers lots of climbing and balancing challenges for children of all ages. Our youngest son started on the small course before building enough confidence to head over to the larger course. A wobbling balance beam is great for teaching kids to stay calm and not give up too easily. Us parents even had a go! Balancing course


Fairyland welcomes you with a rainbow path. There are unicorns to wash and brush and more gems to collect. Large shells full of moving water have tiny plastic toys floating around for kids to catch. Our stubborn child wouldn’t pull his sleeves up and ended up with a very wet jacket. You can purchase a small shell for €1 to store all the little treasures. Playmobil Park Unicorns

Police Station

Kids were loving the prison cell here which had a secret escape hole. Our boys enjoyed climbing up into the police helicopter and sliding back down. For kids over 6 or 125cm there is a police-themed go-kart track. Playmobil Helicopter

Noah’s Ark

A large ark surrounded by animal figures. One of the things our kids really enjoyed was behind the ark. A series of water channels with a heap of Playmobil toys to play and splash around with. Water play at Playmobil

HOB Center

An indoor play area. There is a mini version of the knight’s castle and a house to play in. Playmobil sets are laid out for lots of imaginative play. The staff were always sorting and tidying the play spaces and putting out different sets. Next to this is also a large undercover climbing area.Indoor Playmobil funpark

Food at Playmobil Funpark Germany

There are a number of food spots around the park, we walked by amazing smelling waffles. We ate lunch inside the pub next to the HOB Center. The kids chose sausage and fries and their meal included a drink, a fruit pouch and a toy. I had the franconian sausages with sauerkraut which was too much for me. Tim had currywurst with fries. You take your tray to the counter to pay and are charged a €2 deposit fee for all plates and cups. Return them all to the counter through the doors to get the fee back. Minus the fees our lunch cost €24.

Playmobil Funpark Germany Review – our verdict

Our kids were aged 7 and 4 at the time of our visit and they had so much fun. Older kids may not be as keen to visit a theme park with no rides but for this age group, it was perfect. The park provides kids with the opportunity to explore and be adventurous. As a parent I appreciated that a lot of the play areas encouraged kids to be brave, evaluate risks and challenge themselves. Playmobil Funpark Germany also allows for lots of imaginative play and a great family day out.

Playmobil funpark germany review

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