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Trip to Italy cost: full breakdown of our expenses

Trip to Italy cost breakdown

Trip to Italy cost: full breakdown of our expenses

It can be difficult trying to plan a trip budget and not knowing where to start, so here you will find our full trip to Italy cost breakdown. This was two weeks travel in Italy for two people in October 2018. Our travel style is modest. We like to be comfortable and have a good time but we don’t feel the need to pay for every attraction or stay in luxury hotels. 

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Flights to Italy cost: aud$1,906

Melbourne to Milan return (connect in Bangkok) with Thai Airways.

Travel insurance: aud$159.60

The works cover from Travel Insurance Direct.

Cost of a trip to Italy for two: €2,497.36

Excluding Flights and travel insurance this was our total cost for our two week Italy trip for two adults.
Full cost breakdown listed below, read on to find out where all the money went.

Sim Card: €20.00

Purchased from Tim Mobile, Milan.

Italy Accommodation cost: €1,419.86

Milan 1 night: 98.40 AirBnB

Venice 1 night: 130 Hotel Filu

Rome 3 nights: 312.19 AirBnB

Corniglia 2 nights: 160.70 AirBnB

Florence 3 nights: 277.61 AirBnB

Como 1 night: 93.70 Albergo Terminus Hotel

Bellagio 2 nights: 250 Borgo Le Terraze

Milan 1 night: 97.26 AirBnB

Sign up to Airbnb with our link and you will get $55aud off your stay.

Tips for accommodation budget: look at Airbnb and be sure to read reviews. Keep an eye on hotel deals. We love and their loyalty program for discounts. Book early. We were outside of the main peak season which also helps keep costs down.

cost of accommodation for Italy trip

Italy Transport cost: €463.00


Airport to city + return: €52.00 


Transport between Italian cities: €317.00

Milan to Venice: 19.80

Venice to Rome: 51.80

Rome to La Spezia: 59.80

La Spezia to Pisa: 22.00

Pisa to Florence: 17.20

Florence to Siena: 33.60

Florence to Como: 69.40

Como to Bellagio: 20.80

Bellagio to Varenna boat: 9.20

Varenna to Milan Train: 13.40

Transport within cities: €94.00

Milan: 18.00 subway

Venice: 20.00 Vaporetto to S. Giorgio Maggiore

Rome: 20.00 24 hour pass plus subway

Cinque Terre: 36.00 1 day card plus train & bus to Corniglia

Florence: 0.00 walking only.

Tips for transport budget: Buy tickets online as soon as possible, advance booking discounts apply. Look at the city transport passes and whether they will be worth it. Walk between sights. Check whether a Eurail pass will be worth buying for your trip Discover Europe by Train with Eurail.

Italy travel cost

Food & drink in Italy cost: €538.50

Our average food and drink cost in Italy per day was: €38.46
This is an estimate, we weren’t keeping count of our gelato. 

Read my post to see what we ate and how much it cost.

Tips for food budget: avoid the ‘tourist traps’. Walk away from the main sights and visit the little local shops. Watch where the residents go, we found €1 gelato after seeing locals popping in and out. 

cost of two week Italy trip

Sightseeing in Italy cost: €56.00

Milan: €20 Duomo rooftop.

Venice: €12 San Giorgio Maggiore bell tower

Rome: €24.00 combined tickets Palatine Hill, Roman Forum & Colosseum. 

Cinque Terre: €0 Hiking trail included in train card

Florence: €0 simply walked around the city

Lake Como: €0 boat ride included in transport costs.

Tips for sightseeing budget: We aren’t big on paying to enter sights, mostly because we’re too tight with our money but also because we prefer to be outside. We are quite happy to just walk around the city and view things from outside, for free. The Rome sights were definitely worth the money and we were able to save on the Milan Duomo rooftop by taking the stairs up.

Italy Sightseeing cost

Trip to Italy cost breakdown

So, that’s our full trip to Italy cost breakdown. Where does it fit within your typical travel budget? We’d love to know!


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