Wannon and Nigretta Falls | Southern Grampians - Strolling Adventures
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Wannon and Nigretta Falls | Southern Grampians

Wannon and Nigretta Falls

Wannon and Nigretta Falls | Southern Grampians

Located in The Southern Grampians shire, approximately 20 kms from Hamilton are two close-by waterfalls, Wannon Falls and Nigretta Falls. We set out to visit them both with our Mavic Pro. Find our first drone video below!

Wannon Falls Wannon Falls Southern Grampians

Wannon Falls are the result of a lava flow that followed the Wannon River upstream. The water rushes over the hardened basalt lava and falls into the pool below. In the video you can see that during our visit in November the falls were flowing in seperate streams. During wetter months, Wannon Falls is seen as one large rushing flow. The falls feature a viewing platform that provides an outlook of the surrounding land. Nearby at the Wannon River there is an unpowered campsite.

Nigretta Falls Nigretta Falls Southern Grampians Australia

A ten minute drive from Wannon Falls is Nigretta Falls. Also fed by the Wannon river, these falls have several streams that flow over jagged rocks. Nigretta Falls can be viewed from the top viewing platform or from the base, accessed by a set of stairs.

Press play to watch our video!

Or you can click here to open it in youtube.

Getting to the Wannon and Nigretta falls Wannon and Nigretta Falls

Starting in Hamilton follow the Glenelg highway before turning right onto Nigretta Road. A left turn at Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road leads you down a narrow, tree-lined road. When you reach the fork, keep right. This is the Nigretta Falls access road. Parking is available behind the viewing platform.

After viewing Nigretta Falls, follow the access road and then turn right onto Wannon-nigretta road. Continue along this road until you reach Glenelg Highway. You will need to turn right onto the highway and then soon after turn left into Camerons Road and the entrance to Wannon Falls. This is marked by two large boomerang shaped structures.



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